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About Us

At WP Walkthrough, we specialize in creating incredible video demos and walkthroughs for WordPress products.

Our team is comprised of WordPress experts who truly love the WordPress platform.

We take pride in learning your product fully, and then carefully crafting thoughtful video content to your specification. Product walkthroughs, documentation videos, and product demo videos are all within our wheelhouse.

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Making videos for the products you know.

Our Process


You provide us with a video outline, which ensures we know which points to hit in the video.


With outline in hand, we begin learning your product so that we can truly understand and properly present the video's content.


Once we've ensured we have all the details we need from you and we fully understand what needs to be presented, we record a high quality screen capture with narration.


We insert logos, animated intros & outros, and other assets provided by you. We also edit the video for smoothness while keeping the flow intact (no jump cuts!) and process the narration audio for maximum quality.


The first proof is handed over to you for review. At this point, revisions can be requested and we can tweak the video via editing or re-recording portions of the screen capture & narration.


After your revisions are complete, the video is exported and delivered to you in its final form.

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